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Water Aerobics

Stretch & Tone

Written by UMC PT’s Stretch and Tone is a low intensity full body workout that is designed to get every Part of you moving, from you fingers to your toes.

Stretch and Tone gets it all, with the use of floating dumbbells.

Stretch and Tone offers a light resistance workout for those looking to leave the sedentary life behind or those recovering from some physical injury.

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics is a fun interactive class that gets your heart rate pumping!

With three different classes to choose from, you can start at your own level and move at you own pace.

You can be sure to expect exciting music, lots of laughs, and a few sore muscles the next day!

Mobility & Balance

Written by UMC PT’s, Mobility and Balance is designed for those who have lost functions in parts of their body.

Mobility and Balance focuses on retraining your muscles to help regain function and help you get back to daily activities.

The low impact of water exercise allows for a safe and comfortable workout experience to help you start back towards the activities you love.